Plant List 1

Some of these pictures may be distorted because I made them all the same size. To see the full sized picture click on the picture of your choice.

Cotoneaster horizontalis ROCK COTONEASTER Cotoneaster dammeri
Elaeagnus pungens
GOLDEN ELAEAGNUS Escallonia x exoniensis
Fatsia japonica JAPANESE ARALIA Ginkgo biloba MAIDENHAIR TREE
Lagerstroemia indica CRAPE MYRTLE Magnolia grandiflora SOUTHERN MAGNOLIA
Magnolia x soulangeana SAUCER MAGNOLIA Mahonia aquifolium OREGON GRAPE
Myrsine africana AFRICAN BOXWOOD Nandina domestica HEAVENLY BAMBOO
Nerium oleander OLEANDER Olea europaea EUROPEAN OLIVE
Osmanthus fragrans SWEET OLIVE

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