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   Seed companies produce and sell seeds for flowers, fruit and vegetables to the home gardener. The production of seed is a multi billion dollar business, which uses growing facilities and growing locations world wide. While most seed is produced by large specialist growers, large amounts are produced by small growers that produce only one to a few crop types. These larger companies supply seed both to commercial resellers and wholesalers. The resellers and wholesalers sell to vegetable and fruit growers, and to companies who package seed into packets and sell them on to the home gardener.

   Each seed company or reseller that sells retail, produces a catalog generally published during early winter for seed to be sown the following spring. These catalogs are eagerly awaited by the home gardener, as during winter months there is little that can be done in the garden, so this time can be spent planning the following year's garden. Most companies run a mail order catalogue business, some also supply their range of seeds to garden centers and other retailers.

   Following is a list of seed companies that I have found on the internet. I have gotten seeds from all of them and they all have done well.

   Territorial Seed Company

   Nichols Garden Nursery

   Heirloom Seeds

   Seeds of Change

   Park Seed Company

   Gurneys Seed and Nursery Company

   Johnny's Selected Seeds


   Of course you can also buy seeds at your local garden center, hardware store, grocery store, or drug store. These places usually sell seeds that are most popular. If you are looking for a particular variety of seed then it is most likely that you will need to look at the internet or get seed catalogs from your favorite seed company to find them.

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