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     My garden is in Santa Rosa, California. We have a Mediterranean climate which makes it great for growing flowers and vegetables all year round. The garden is always in continuous production. I do give the beds a rest once in a while.

     I start most of my plants from seeds. It's fun to watch them germinate and grow. I look at my garden and say wow all that broccoli out of one little seed. By using seeds you are not limited to what the garden center has available in plant starts. You can get almost any variety of plants you want if you look hard enough.

     Well spring 2014 is here and I just started to plant my vegetables. We have not had a lot of rain this year.

     I have planted tomatoes and peppers in fiber pots. The tomatoes have germinated but not the peppers. They always seems to germinate later than the tomatoes. We harvested the first of our asparagus and hope to have quite a few more cuttings this season.


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