Plant List 12

These pictures may be distorted because I made them all the same size. To see the full sized picture click on the picture of your choice.

Calibrachoa spp. Million Bells Calycanthus
Spice Bush
Cistus x skanbergii NCN Coleonema pulchrum Pink Breath Of Heaven
Coleonema pulchrum
'Golden Sunset'
Golden Breath
Of Heaven
Cotinus coggygria Smoke Tree
Cotinus coggygria
'Royal Purple'
Purple Smoke Tree Deutzia gracilis Slender Deutzia
Escallonia 'Compakta' Compact Escallonia Eschscholzia
California Poppy
Gaura lindheimeri
'Siskiyou Pink'
Gaura Lavatera maritima Tree Mallow
Punica granatum Pomegranate Ribes sanguineum Red Flowering Currant
Thymus x citriodorus
Lemon Thyme Zantedeschia
Common Calla Lily

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