Plant List 11

These pictures may be distorted because I made them all the same size. To see the full sized picture click on the picture of your choice.

Abutilon x hybridum Flowering Maple Aloe saponaria Soap Aloe
Billbergia nutans Queen's Tears Chionanthus retusus Chinese Fringe Tree
Cornus capitata Evergreen Dogwood Cornus nuttallii Pacific Dogwood
'California Glory'
California Fremontia Hemerocallis spp. Daylily
Trailing African Daisy Philodendron selloum Tree Philodendron
Prunus serrulata Japanese Flowering
Spiraea x vanhouttei Vanhoutte Spiraea
Syringa vulgaris Common Lilac Viburnum plicatum

'Summer Snowflake'
Doublefile Viburnum

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