Plant List 14

These pictures may be distorted because I made them all the same size. To see the full sized picture click on the picture of your choice.

Acer buergeranum Trident Maple Acer circinatum Vine Maple
Acer macrophyllum Bigleaf Maple Acer negundo
Variegated Box Elder
Buddleja davidii Butterfly Bush Digitalis purpurea Common Foxglove
Fuchsia magellanica
NCN Kerria japonica
Japanese Rose
Nepeta x faassenii Catmint Quercus lobata Valley Oak
Rhododendron indicum Belgian Indica Azalea Rhododendron hybrids Hybrid Rhododendron
occidentale hybrids
Hybrid Western Azalea Salvia sonomensis Sonoma Sage

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