Liriodendron tulipifera Liriodendron tulipifera
(lir-i-oh-DEN-dron  tew-li-PIF-er-uh)
Tulip Tree

It is a deciduous, broadleaf, perennial tree. Rapid growth. Gets 50-80ft. tall and 25-40ft. wide. Likes sun. Hardy to 10 degrees.

Genus of 2 species of deciduous trees from woodland in China, Vietnam, and North America. They are cultivated for their stately habit and curiously shaped, alternate leaves, which turn yellow in autumn. The solitary, cup-shaped flowers, inconspicuous from a distance, add interest in summer, but are not produced on young plants; they are followed by cone-like fruits.

L. tulipifera is a vigorous, broadly columnar to conical, deciduous tree with saddle-shaped, bright green leaves, to 6in (15cm) long; the leaves are squarish, and lobed at the tips, hollowed at the bases, with a pointed lobe at each side. Cup-shaped, pale green flowers, 2.5in (6cm) long, orange-marked at the bases, are produced in early summer.

USDA zones 5-9

Sunset Western zones 2-12, 14-24


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